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When Art meets Architecture

Be it art or architecture, they have taken inspiration from each other. When it comes to designing, one cannot overlook the presence of each other. I have come across thousands of artists and architects who agree that both these professions are a form of self-expression and that is what connects both them. For countless number of years, spaces have been transformed into awe-inspiring structures, thanks to the art that was used inside them. This fusion of art can either result in something fabulous or can go horribly wrong. Getting the right balance between the two is itself an art! The architect must have the vision and skill to execute a design that captures the essence of the existing art and turn it into a masterpiece while keeping in mind about how a common person will interpret it. Art brings out the best out of Architecture. Let’s say architecture is a Christmas tree and the decorations are the art. Architecture does the hard work of holding the art together, and thus creating a masterpiece. The decline of art in Architecture? Throughout the years Architecture as a discipline began inclining towards Science and technology. This modern movement rejected the idea of bringing Architecture, sculpture and paintings together, as it was in the olden times. It became important to meet the structural necessity or material functionalism. This lack of art in architecture can be seen in a lot of cities around the world. This modern approach created visually displeasing structures such as many modern schools. While art is something that should be instigated at a tender age amongst children, we are promoting visually displeasing structures for their young minds to work in. Another major reason behind this decline is economics. Today, buildings and structures are nothing but businesses for people. Due to this approach, it is rare to find art, architecture and sculpture together. Moreover, standardisation has left very little room for expression.

“The coming together” The relationship between art and architecture is a beautiful one. It is not something everyone can execute with perfection. It takes a very creative person to look at a structure and instantly give a creative idea of how it could potentially look after renovating. Anyone can place a sculpture in a building, but only a true genius can keep it in such a way that it stands out! The general public cannot be expected to understand the art behind what works and what doesn’t. It is up to institutions to preach the essence behind art and architecture, and most importantly give an overhaul to the role of architect in a society.

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