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The male of the house practices Yoga on a daily basis. The need for a strong wall was requested for meditation purposes. The back wall in the master bedroom was hence cladded with stone textures. Likewise, the lady of the house had a particular need for a non-slippery floor for the kitchen. We came up with an idea which was functionally correct and aesthetically pleasing.

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A mother and daughter duo who come to an apartment in Pune from a farmhouse in Nashik. How can you leave your roots behind? We made sure the house was spacious enough to give them the free circulation they always had back home. The best decision was to break the wall between the study and dining to open up more space - which really adds up to the character of the house.
Avid book readers needed a space to relax and read their books. And the house happened to have the best place for it, the balcony, with a swing engulfed within nature.




The Kad residence was a mixture of young and mature minds, a joint family with kids aged 5 & 7. The kids’ rooms had to be a boost of positivity for them to nurture the best way possible. While the parents and grandparents had subtle color palettes for themselves like coming back home to serenity.
The subtle colour palette in the living and dining make it a simple house holding the anchor of not too much or not too less.

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A showcase of perfect hygge
The home owners wanted a clean design, comfortable yet chic look to their apartment steeped in functionality as well. The requirement also included adequate seating while keeping spaces open & uncluttered.

Every tiny detail that went into making this beautiful contemporary chic house is well thought about beforehand.

The freedom of experimenting with lines allowed us to develop a plural visual language seamlessly binding aesthetics with functions.

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