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We are a service-oriented architecture and interior design studio. The aim to provide a high level of personalized design service is a core belief of our firm.


We see each new project as a possibility of original expression and rather than being shackled to a singular style, we study the specific forces at play for each individual project to arrive at a truly unique solution. We believe that cultural, social and environmental sensitivity is paramount to our design process. We try to limit our environmental impact by using principles of passive solar design and recycled building materials.


Architecture to us must not only create wonderful spaces to live, work and play but it must be a key participant in the shaping of the built environment and the sustainability of our planet.

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Dr. Krishnakumar and Jayashree Krishnakumar,
JK Womens Hospital, Dombivali

Getting Nisha on board, we knew there was nothing to worry about. Having done the interiors of our clinic (previous) in the past, she yet again surprised us with her creativity in terms of optimum utilization of space and functionality while keeping in mind the flow of the public. Special consideration was given to the budget of the client while working around design and execution. Every furniture detail was discussed and revised with me to suit the needs of the staff working at the hospital. Her command over her basics were translated into spaces that were aesthetically minimalistic yet functional; where we enjoy working!

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